Sunday thoughts

This weekend I’ve had so much free time. We spent Easter weekend here, there, and everywhere and as lovely as it was to see friends and family, it left me really quite exhausted and just craving a bit of peace and quiet.

Do you prefer to be busy all the time or have a lot of your own time?

My boyfriend definitely prefers the former, and will book our weekends out weeks and weeks in advance, so we’re always doing something or going somewhere. Part of me really loves it, and it’s good to keep busy and have something to look forward to, but I’m definitely as introverted in my plan-making as I am in everything else. I like having nothing to do – not all the time, but I like some of my weekend to involve a bit of time just for me to get what I want done, whether that’s going to the gym, doing some washing, cooking, baking – whatever.

Anyway, after the business of last weekend, we’ve had a couple of days this week to just completely unwind. We went to the gym, did a food shop, cooked, tidied, cleaned, did all our washing and then walked for about an hour to our friends house to go to a dinner party. It was the most beautiful evening, warm for the first time in ages, lit with a pink sky, and we just had time to have chat and reflect.

This morning we woke up late, had breakfast, then went to the science museum, came home for lunch and I made chocolate crispy cakes, Tom went to the gym. I think it’s so needed sometimes to just take a bit of time out to make yourself happy and catch up on life.

Work is really draining sometimes isn’t it. Often it’s nothing to do with the work I’m doing or how long I’m working for or whatever, it’s more that it’s just occupying so much of my time and I find myself living for weekends and for holidays. I think it’s especially tricky this time of year when I feel like a lot of my mental capacity is being taken up with preparation for summer – this is in a number of ways aside from the obvious. But yes, I’m paying particular attention to my diet and to how much exercise I’m doing. I’m also constantly looking to change my wardrobe and get ready for the clothing upgrade for summer. I’m trying to make plans, balance my holidays and make sure I have enough money. I’m also just pining for sun and long evenings – being warm and being able to spend time outside. It just feels as though everything is on hold at the moment until summer arrives, like all planning and preparation is for when the weather gets warmer.

Hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend too 🙂

Billie x

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