Food for thought

What do you think about before you fall asleep?

I know some people make lists, others recount their day or even count sheep. My boyfriend, Tom, seems to question the most ridiculous philosophical phenomena, and my sister plans her breakfast.

When I’m not thinking about the above, I tend to think about things I want to happen. I’ll play out scenarios, think about what would have to happen for them to be real and how I could even make them become reality. It’s when I allow my imagination to run wild and let everything I could possibly desire in the world play out before my eyes.

It’s also the time when I have my deepest thoughts, where everything I’ve been pushing to the back of my mind all day is released and completely consumes me. Tom often teases me if I’m unhappy or grumpy about something during the day because he know’s I’ll want to talk about it just before I fall asleep and probably not a moment before. But isn’t your moment of complete calm and relaxation the perfect time to let your thoughts be free?

Often, my first thought when I wake up is my last thought before I fall asleep – this is useful when I need to remember something in the morning but also problematic if there’s something troubling me.

How do you fall asleep? Is your mind at rest or is it buzzing with every thought under the sun?

Sweet dreams,

Billie x

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