Hello and Happy 2018!

I always find the new year a very strange time, it’s just the same as any other day or week or month and yet every January, I, along with everyone else, find myself sitting down and making a list of everything I need to do better this year.

For some reason, we think that every new year holds so much more promise than any other day, as if we can start fresh and make ourselves into the people we want to be. It’s ridiculous really, when you think about it.

The more I think about New Year’s Resolutions, the more I am undecided as to how they make me feel. On the one hand it can be something so positive and encouraging, and yet at the same time they can make me feel incredibly inadequate. For me, at lot of the time when I’m making my resolutions it means listing all of the things I see wrong with my life and hoping that this year I’ll sort them out. Every year I hope that it will be the year that I turn into this super-health freak who exercises for fun, goes on running dates with their boyfriend, reads a book a week, writes a blog post every other day, stops spending money on pointless shit etc etc you know the drill. And yet every year I write in my diary “should probably try and shed a few pounds this year, should probably try and exercise a little bit, read more, write more” blah blah blah.

To make a change, you’ve got to really want it, haven’t you. It can’t just be this ‘New Year, New Me’ motivation that lasts all of about 2 weeks and then fades away with a pizza and a bottle of prosecco.

Having said all of this, I love making New Year’s Resolutions. I love even the little bit of promise of self-improvement. I just wish that the self-improvement wasn’t so dependent on my own self-assessment of not being good enough. Does that make sense?

This year, I’ve tried to make more positive resolutions. Not ones based on negativity and self-loathing but ones that will genuinely bring me happiness. Yes, I will confess, they are largely health-based. But instead of making goals based entirely on numbers and aesthetic, this year I want to focus far more on finding enjoyment in health and fitness. I want to want to do exercise and I want to cook more and experiment more with food – because I LOVE that feeling after a run and if I’d be so happy spending all day in the kitchen.

I think the point I’d like to make here, is that your new year new you shouldn’t be based on a negative self-assessment. Self-improvement is a good thing, and it’s definitely one to be encouraged, and if beginning a new year is your motivation then that’s great. But don’t make goals that aren’t achievable, and definitely don’t make them because you think who you are or what you’re doing isn’t enough.

In more lighthearted news, in my bid to health in 2018, I’ve made a new Instagram account to try to help encourage me. If you fancy checking it out, my username is BillieVsHealth and I’m posting loads of healthy vegetarian/vegan meals and snacks to help that January motivation! So please do join me on my journey to a more positive relationship with health and exercise.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?




Billie x




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