The Amalfi Post.

Ahhhhhhhhhh I’m sorry!


I got back from The Amalfi Coast almost a month ago and I still haven’t posted – I am a BAD blogger. To be honest, I’ve had probably the most manic and stressful month of my LIFE so I just haven’t been in the mindset to sit down and write. While in Amalfi, I was totally bombarded with emails and calls for interviews and phone interviews and second-stage tests and blah blah blah – long story short, it was not quite the relaxing break I was hoping for. However, after weeks and weeks of interviews I am so happy to finally say that I HAVE A JOB! I’m so excited to start and I really feel like the wait and all the hard work doing so many applications has finally paid off.


Anyway – you came to see beautiful pictures, so here are a few from the beautiful beautiful Amalfi Coast and Capri – VOILA.


My boyfriend’s family invited me on a trip I truly couldn’t resit. With it’s stunning coastline, cobbled streets, and football-sized lemons; I have truly never been anywhere so beautiful. From day one we were totally smitten with this gorgeous little town and everything it has to offer.








In typical holiday and Italian fashion; we sun-burned, we ate too much pizza, and spent most days reading and tanning.





We were staying in Amalfi town, however we also took a short boat ride to another town along the coast, the infamous Positano – which was every bit as gorgeous as expected.


After getting an interview that seemingly couldn’t be rescheduled – I regrettably decided to fly back a couple of days early. However, on my penultimate day we took a trip to Capri – a place I really didn’t want to miss visiting.

After seeing the town, we went on a private boat tour around the island. As you will see from the pictures, this was something very special and I feel so so lucky to have experienced it!












On my last day, my parents who were conveniently in Naples came to collect me to take me to the airport. I had one last pizza and then it was time to go. And then – my flight was cancelled 4 hours before departure with no others leaving for the next 12 hours – meaning I missed my interview. After a few tears and rebooking a flight we headed back for a night in Naples before my flight the following morning.

After eventually getting through to the company I had an interview with, it was fortunately rescheduled until I was back. I didn’t get the job – but hey ho – at least I tried!

I hope you enjoyed these very late pictures of beautiful Amalfi – next up I have a weekend in Budapest and pictures from my graduation!


Lots of love,


Billie x

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