Sketch, Mayfair.

This weekend we decided to treat ourselves…just, because. On Saturday we swapped bookshops for Portobello Road Market and brunch in Notting Hill; and on Sunday, after a day of running errands and submitting essays, we headed for dinner at sketch in Mayfair.


Portobello Road Market bookstall – because, books had to feature at some point right?

I’ve been wanting to go to sketch pretty much since I moved to London three years ago but just never quite got around to it, but last week we thought we both needed a treat so we went ahead and booked it.

I will now apologise for my crappy photos – I’m still adjusting to taking photos of everything when I’m out and about and not being super self-conscious about it, so these are not the best – I may even add a cheeky google one in, just so you can actually see what the gallery looked like.


Here you go…

First impressions were that it is basically a younger, quirkier, pinker version of Berners Tavern in set up (Tom and I went to Berners Tavern a few months ago for our anniversary and we both loved it). The interior is pretty gorgeous and just generally really fun and different.




Can we also just appreciate the pop-out menus (even though it’s upside down)..


I ordered the quinoa with a garlic and spinach sauce, which they poured when they put my plate down, and Tom had the lamb; we also got sides of mashed potato, fries and bread.



Now, I’m no food connoisseur, but this was by far the best meal out I’ve had in a while, they also had a fair few vegetarian options which all looked really good, which was a nice change – I’m still adjusting to eating out as a veggie, I don’t think you actually realise how limited it sometimes is when you eat meat.

The whole design of the place, from the infamous loos to the crockery and cutlery and huge wine glasses has been so well thought out. Which brings me on to the loos, OH THE LOOS! We’ve all seen the pictures, but I am about to spam you with more..




Tom wasn’t so convinced – he says that although they’re “alright” from the outside, but the inside is like an aeroplane toilet. I think you can tell that I loved it…

As for the ol’ price tag, it’s pretty reasonable – your standard slightly more expensive London meal, definitely not something I’d do regularly but every now and then it’s nice to go somewhere a little fancier – and it was date night, so why not, right?


As always, send any London recommendations my way!


Billie x

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