Sunday Strolls: The London Review Bookshop.

Hello Hello!


This weekend I got back to London after a very relaxing week back at my parents house up North in the countryside, and it’s fairly safe to say I have returned to the big smoke feeling a lot more rejuvenated than I was a week ago – ah the country air!

I had reading week at uni last week and since Christmas was quite busy for me – work wise and also being with my boyfriend and his family a lot – I didn’t feel like I’d spent a great deal of time with my family recently, so I took it as a perfect opportunity to spend some time back in my little village in North Yorkshire.


However, as it turned out, 10 days was too long to be away from my boyfriend – and dissertation work was not going as well as planned, so I booked an early ticket back to London and hey, what do you know, Tom and I found ourselves discovering a new bookshop on Tom’s newly written ‘bookshops to see in London’ list.

Sunday was an unexpectedly sunny day in London so we took a more scenic route than planned past somerset house and up to Holborn.


I forgot to take a picture of Somerset House… but this is one from when I was interning last year and that still counts right?

After a little detour around Bloomsbury Square we found our way to the London Review Bookshop.


This is the back entrance (which apparently you aren’t supposed to use), the front is just around the corner from the British Museum.



(The man had to come and let us in)


I won’t deny that after having fairly high expectations, seen as it is so highly recommended, that we couldn’t help but find the place a bit of a let down. I think Tom and I are so used now to going to such old and beautiful bookshops, either that or full of character; that anything that looks, kind of, normal, I guess, seems a little disappointing.

I believe, on the other hand, that the London Review Bookshop is famous for it’s books, for example, the place is littered with signed copies.



A cafe attached, aptly named ‘The London Review Cake Shop’ sits next-door, but unfortunately for us, as it was Sunday, it was closed. It did look lovely though, and I hope to go again for the cake, if nothing else!



All in all: definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, but maybe not making a special trip (unless you’re after something in particular, or cake..)

After, as always, we were starving and desperate for lunch, so I thought I’d share our other little find of the day.

Initially, we were trying to find a pub called Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet St (from Tom’s book of the best London pubs), but again, it was shut. So after a little detour to Dr. Johnson’s house, a familiar lunch spot from my interning days, we found a little cafe called The Fleet Street Press (PRESS Coffee & Co.), where I did a bit of uni work and Tom worked on a blog post about books (can you see why we’re together?)


I didn’t take a picture of the upstairs, but the food and coffee was great, there was free wifi and comfy seats – also not too busy which was a bonus.


I’m a huge fan of Fleet St, I spent a lot of time there while I was at Little, Brown last summer and it’s such an underrated part of London. There’s so much history and hidden treasures around there, especially if you’re interested in publishing like I am, seeing as it’s basically the publishing capital of London.


So there you have it – another variant of what Tom and I do best! Hope you’ve had a good weekend 🙂 And any bookshop cafe recommendations are always VERY welcome!


Billie x

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