Fischer’s and Daunt Books.

Welcome to another Saturday meander around London with Tom and Billie… This time along Marylebone High Street.

While I spent much of my youth (can I say that yet?) exploring a lot of West and Central London, nowadays as I live further east I rarely seem to make it out of my little corner of the city. However, when I do, I realise what a beautiful city I do live in, and how lucky I am to be spending my time at university here.

As I’ve mentioned many a time in my posts, my boyfriend and I just LOVE a good bookshop and after hearing about Daunt Books but never having been, we decided this would be our weekly Saturday exploration destination!

After a failed attempt to get cheap theatre tickets in Leicester Square, Tom and I headed to Baker Street for a fancier lunch than anticipated (due to lack of tickets we figured why not) and thanks to the DOJO app, we made our way to Fischer’s on Marylebone High Street.


Fischer’s is a Viennese restaurant, both in terms of decor and food – the place is truly individual and reminded us of old Austrian murder mysteries.



Despite the menu not having a single vegetarian main meal, they were fortunately still serving brunch – I had avocado, salsa and poached egg on toast – and Tom had something I can’t remember the name of…



I will also mention, as I love a good loo, that these were particularly special – decorated like what I imagine a Viennese train cubicle to look like:



Oh and look here’s me in the pretty toilets…


We then headed a few doors down to Daunt Books, which has now caused me to reevaluate my top five…


Though it has now expanded to other parts of London, the original Daunt Bookshop specialises in travel books where they are arranged by country.



They are also their own independent publisher and sell very cute and recognisable tote bags (I had to refrain from adding another to my ever-growing book-related tote bag collection).

I picked up ‘We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler, (well, I should say Tom bought it for me – I may receive some stern words otherwise); which I finished the other night and thoroughly enjoyed, despite, what I thought was a slightly disappointing ending.

Despite all tube lines east being down and it taking nearly an hour to get home, this was as perfect as a Saturday can get for me, and I feel very lucky that I have found someone who finds this perfect too.


Hope you’re having a good week 🙂


Billie x

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