An Evening at Duck and Waffle.

A couple of weeks ago it was one of the girls I live with’s 21st, so to celebrate in a typically overpriced fashion we went for dinner at Duck and Waffle. Which, if you haven’t heard of it, is the highest restaurant in London (above Sushi Samba on the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate).

As expected, the view’s over London were spectacular, but when you’re dining at 230m into the skyline, would you expect anything less?

My pictures, I will admit, definitely do not do it justice.

The bar – although we couldn’t afford to drink in it – was beautiful and colourful, overlooking the city and sushi samba below.





As for the food, as you can imagine, it was definitely on the pricey side – but definitely not obscenely so. I will say though that for vegetarians like myself – the menu was pretty limited (especially if you don’t like aubergine). I just got a small plate for a main as I wasn’t particularly hungry, it was long stem broccoli with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce which was DIVINE. We also got a couple of their breads for the table – the bread selection was pretty out of this world.




Ignore the boobs…


And, although for obvious reasons this wasn’t my meal – here is my friend’s duck and waffle:


Although I hate to admit I partook in the picture marathon that both preceded and proceeded our meal – it did make for some pretty good photos:



As did Sushi Samba below…


But, I have to say, the best thing about the whole experience was definitely the lift you took up and down. It’s all glass so you see the view as you travel and it’s absolutely incredible, it really makes you appreciate how beautiful London is. Here is us giddy at the bottom:



Again, hope you enjoyed this type of blog post. This is definitely one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever eaten in and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting a special evening out, it’s super romantic so definitely ideal for a date night and it’s also open 24 hours!


Hope you’ve had a good week 🙂


Billie x

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