A Little Saturday Find…

At the weekend, my boyfriend and I generally find ourselves aimlessly wandering around London – usually in search of a coffee shop, or a bookshop, or a mix of the two; and with refusal to ever go to a chain, (because when you live in a city as big and diverse as London, why would you settle for Starbucks?), we tend to find a few pretty special little places.

This time our explorations took us to Verde and Company (https://www.verdeandco.co.uk) in Spitalfields.


The place is tiny, quirky and sells Fortnum and Mason tea (so basically everything I love in a cafe) – it also, and it is this, I will admit, which fully swayed me, sell marmite on toast – YES.


There is very limited seating – only 3 separate tables plus a central bench – but it was a Saturday morning and there were only a few other people in there so the atmosphere was perfect.


Freshly baked bread, pastries, and homemade chocolates adorn the counter with the walls stacked with shelves of homemade jams and teas.


I will also point out – that my marmite on toast was about £3 and I swear they gave me about half a loaf of bread – the absolute dream.

Hope you liked this little post – I’m going to try and post a few more of my little London finds – especially when they’re as cute as this place.

Have a lovely weekend!

Billie x

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