A Week in the Mountains – and Happy New Year!

It’s been four months since my last post, *hangs head in shame* and to be honest, I have a whole manner of excuses. I’ve lacked inspiration (i.e. not been on holiday – bar a weekend in Edinburgh which was beautiful and lovely but I didn’t take enough photos), had far too much uni work and just generally been a massive ball of stress and anxiety.

I’m definitely finding my final year of university tough, I’m well aware of how well I need to do this year and how much work I need to put in to achieve the best I can; and although it’s so far been a massive slog and I haven’t exactly been enjoying myself, my hard work has been paying off, so *fingers crossed* everything will work out.

I was determined to carry on with blogging through uni, documenting my experiences and even talking about how I was dealing with the stress and the workload; but to be honest, I’m not sure I have really been dealing with it (just ask my boyfriend).

BUT, despite a hard Christmas and New Year, working almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, I did manage to escape on a little ski holiday with my boyfriend and his family. I didn’t intend for this to be a travel blog – although I know that’s pretty much exactly what it’s turned into – so I’m really going to make a conscious effort this term to not only write on here but to also write about different things.


Now I’ve got that out of the way – here is my week in the beautiful alpine town of Morzine, France.


After a somewhat tearful goodbye to my parents, I made the journey back from beautiful North Yorkshire and my family home to my London student house (sigh) ready for a 4am start!

I’ve always loved morning flights, and I will always be the first one up (even if it’s ridiculously early), I just find it so exciting.


After a cheeky breakfast in Jamies Italian and an 8am flight from Gatwick, we were in Geneva before noon and Morzine for lunch.

I spent a few months in Morzine a year or so ago for a summer season, so I was pretty excited to get back – but it felt so strange and totally different seeing it in the snow.


(And as it turns out, we were pretty lucky that there was any snow –  there had been none in months but by the time we arrived the slopes were finally just about skiable.)


Now, I’m no skier, but we were all pretty excited to get going, so Tom and his mum took me for a little go on the baby slopes so that we could both see how good I was! (verdict: not as bad as expected; thanks, Tom…)

The rest of the day was spent eating and drinking in my favourite hangouts (Bec Jaune and L’aberguade if you’re heading there!) before we all crashed out ready for an early start.


Day 2 we went for a ski up on Nyon, the mountain next to where we were staying (about a half hour walk from the town’s centre), it was pretty icy and I had a couple of tumbles but my spirits were high and we spent some time with some of Tom’s family friends.

In the afternoon I went for a private ski lesson with ESF. I wish I could say this was a success but in all honestly I came out of it a lot more bruised and a lot less confident than I went in. In fact, it totally threw me – I was scared for the next day and I felt terrible that Tom’s parents had paid for something that was such a flop (I also still have the bruise from the one-legged ski – it’s huge).

I also have a distinct lack of photos from the first few days – probably because I was super scared and a little deflated – but they’re coming, I promise.


The next day we went skiing in Les Lindaret and Avoriaz, the snow was SOOOOOO much better and after a couple of runs my legs stopped wobbling and I was finally able to enjoy it. We even got a lift to ourselves:




The views were also pretty beautiful:



Tom also tried to take some pictures of the two of us, but unfortunately, they turned out like this:

And his mum and I found our clones:



Because how dare she copy my outfit?!

Lunchtimes and evenings were filled with copious amounts of carbs and wine (pray for my thighs) and absolutely no uni work – which was just the dream.





The following day we accidently went down a red run and I cried the whole way down and for an hour or so after – but ya gotta have a little drama on any holiday right?

That evening the boys wanted to watch the football, so we went to a sports bar and fortunately (for us) Leeds won and so we went to what is probably my all time favourite bar from my summer season; and had one too many toffee vodkas…





The next morning we had a well-needed lie in and perhaps an even more needed, day off. It was super snowy so conditions weren’t ideal to ski in – so we walked into town and had a chilled day with lunch and coffee.


Tom and I even squeezed in a little afternoon date, which coincidently is where we had our first date. We met out here so coming back together was very special for both us.

We went out for a late lunch and had a little dance around in the snow




Our last day was undoubtedly the best – the snow was great, I finally felt like a was a bit more in control, I didn’t fall over and we were all in great spirits.




All in all, it was a pretty special holiday and I’m so grateful to Tom’s parents for taking me along with them. Very sad to be back in London now and back to reality but excited at the prospect of university finally ENDING.

I’m hoping to blog a lot more this term – even if it’s just the odd little post or two.


Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and if you’re hitting the slopes then I hope you get snow!


Billie x

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