The City of Love.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a romantic weekend in Paris with my boyfriend (as always, I’m a fortnight late on posting…) And although I kept photo taking to a minimum, as we both promised to try and keep our phones at bay during the trip, I thought I’d share some of the ones I did take.

My boyfriend, Tom, had been in France at the Euros watching a few England games (how well that turned out…) and was spending a few days in Paris to indulge in all things football with his best friend. When his friend had to leave for China, I said I’d come for the weekend. So, I got the 5.30am Eurostar from London St Pancras and was in Paris for 9.30 on Friday morning.

We spent the morning walking around, checking in and catching up – having only seen Tom once in the past 6 weeks due to him doing his finals, we had lots to talk about. So we sat outside little cafes with black coffees and baguettes and tried our best to avoid the rain.

Tom had been told about a bookshop in Paris that we knew we had to visit, it’s called Shakespeare and Company and overlooks Notre Dame. As a self-confessed book lover, this place was my dream! Each room was decorated to look like a different chapter from a book and housed old French literature to current UK bestsellers. It’s a popular, but magical little place that I think anyone who visits Paris HAS to go to. It had a lovely story on the outside about the owners of the shop, which I will insert below – however unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside – so I’m afraid you’ll just have to go there yourself (such a hardship!)

We then walked along the Seine for a little while to find somewhere for lunch.


Tom was a little too tired for pictures…

After it started to pour down and we were soaked to our feet and we were both pretty exhausted, me from travelling all morning and being up since 3.30 (!!!) and Tom from a week of football and boozing – an afternoon nap was well overdue. When we rose again a couple of hours later it was nearly time for dinner, but first I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower – because – Paris!

We got the metro from where we were staying at Châtelet to Trocadero, where we were greeted with some blue sky and this beauty:


We then walked to the Arc de Triomphe and found a little restaurant (after a few attempts!) for dinner and settled down with a nice bottle of wine before slowly making our way back to the hotel.

We woke up on Saturday morning fresh and ready for new adventures, so we decided to go somewhere neither of us had been – Luxembourg Gardens and the Sorbonne (University of Paris).

The walk, as expected, took us past some pretty beautiful parts of Paris:

A wrong turn made us end up at the Pantheon, again somewhere neither of us had been, which was rich in French history and architecture.IMG_9161.JPG

The inside was stunning, typically French high ceilings decorated with beauty and precision – we would expect nothing less from Paris!


We later found our way to the Sorbonne, which to Tom’s disappointment, we weren’t actually allowed to see that much of… (As an Oxford student – Tom likes a good university.)


We then made our way to Luxembourg gardens, despite the weather looking like it was about to turn, I felt like I was on the set of Alice and Wonderland! It was so so so beautiful, complete with cafe’s and choirs and children playing.



It also provided some pretty nice couple-selfie opportunities… (even if I did talk the whole way through Tom taking them)

We then spent the afternoon at Musée d’Orsay, soaking in the culture and indulging int he works of impressionist artists like Monet, Manet, van Gogh and Renoir.

On route, we found the loveliest little French market of food, antiques and furniture – can’t believe I forgot to take a picture! I even found my market on the way…


Slightly less classy?

For dinner, Tom wanted to take me to a bar/restaurant he’d found earlier that week. Unfortunately on route we got stuck in the biggest rainstorm I think I’ve ever experienced and we arrived looking like two drowned rats, but a bottle of wine and some oreo cheesecake later, it hardly mattered.

The rain cleared up to reveal a beautiful clear evening, so as it was our last night we went for a walk along the river, past Notre Dame and avoiding the flooded paths.





Wasn’t kidding about the rain… (that is a path)

I even got to see the Eiffel Tower lit up – of all the times I’ve been to Paris, I’ve never seen it at night!


Granted, it was still from a distance – but the picture definitely doesn’t do it justice!

On my final day in Paris, I was getting a late Eurostar home so fortunately we still had the whole day.

Tom was keen to go to a museum of French history and he found one fairly nearby. Though the grounds were lovely, half of the museum was shut due to renovations and the other half seemed to only be a history of French interiors – not exactly what we had in mind!


But pretty nonetheless!

We then decided to walk to the Louvre and down the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe – because when in Paris, how can you not!

I think the view from the Arc de Triomphe is my favourite part of Paris, it’s just so symmetrical and beautiful and satisfying!



nice pants, babe…


It was also such a beautiful day, and that combined with my favourite city with my favourite person made this a pretty perfect day.

With a few more hours to spare, we headed back to our favourite bookshop, which I failed to mention has a cafe (!!) for a flat white.

I’d mentioned to Tom that I needed a new facebook profile picture, he decided this would be a good time for him to ‘help out’, as he failed to mention this to me – this is how the pictures turned out:

The epitome of ‘confused’.

We then had to head to the north of Paris, where Tom was meeting his dad to go on to see more football the following day, and I had to get my train.

We had dinner with Toms dad and friends before I had to dash off to catch my 9pm train back to London, admittedly I listened to the Les Miserables soundtrack the whole way home.

All in all, this was a pretty special trip. And I have to say that even in the rain, Paris has to be the most romantic city and I feel very lucky to have spent some time there with my boyfriend before we suffer the repercussions of the recent Brexit result. I could write an entire other blog post about how devastated I am that my country has opted out of the European Union but at this point, that wouldn’t help anything. Let’s just hope that our shambles of a government can pull it together and sort out this mess they’ve put us in!

As always – thanks for reading!

From Paris, With Love,

Billie x

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